Spain extends lockdown +++ EU agrees on €500bn bailout | Coronavirus Update
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Spain extends lockdown +++ EU agrees on €500bn bailout | Coronavirus Updateって動画が話題らしいぞ

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After weeks of rising infections, the Spanish government is also expressing cautious optimism. Despite more than 15,000 deaths, the number of daily fatalities has begun inching lower.
But Spaniards will not be allowed to leave their homes for at least another two weeks and schools will remain closed. The measures are hitting children from low income familes in particular.
Europe's finance ministers have struck a deal on a 500 billion Euro bailout aimed at limiting the economic damage from the coronavirus. The measures should help nations hardest hit by COVID-19, as well as supporting companies and protecting jobs. The breakthrough came after ministers failed to bridge their differences in marathon talks earlier this week. Southern European countries led by Italy and Spain wanted the European Union to ease access to financial markets, by creating so-called corona bonds. But the idea was resisted by richer northern states including Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.
Other latest developments:
- Johns Hopkins University's coronavirus tracking website now shows more than 1-point-6 million confirmed cases worldwide. Almost 96-thousand people have died of COVID-19.
- Yemen's internationally-recognized government has confirmed its first case. Widespread poverty and five years of civil war make the country especially vulnerable to a severe outbreak.
- Authorities in Indonesia's capital Jakarta are implementing stricter restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. About half of confirmed cases are in the capital.
- Chicago's Cook County Jail is reporting 450 inmates and staff have tested positive. The jail holds almost 5-thousand prisoners and is now one of the biggest clusters in the US.

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