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1:@coronavirus report2020.06.12(Fri)
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2:@coronavirus report2020.06.12(Fri)

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3:@coronavirus report2020.06.12(Fri)

latest corona virus newsで1とか荒れ過ぎわろwww

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6:@coronavirus report2020.06.12(Fri)

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7:@coronavirus report2020.06.12(Fri)

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tarted live streaming noval corona virus pandemic latest real time counter and world wide map news on covid-19 confirmed cases recovers stats figuris update graph and updated every 2 minutes daily because many people are worried about the spread of coronavirus for anyone that wants to know the real time progression of the world wide spread of this virus i offer him live stream the purpose is not to in still fear or panic nor is it to necessarily comfort i just want to present the data to help inform the public of the current situation the purpose of this stream is to show basic information and education and data to understand the situation easily and to provide superficial information to people of the world to understand situation join us discussing the coronavirus pandemic live real time and how the world wide figures compare and what can we do to gather to seethrough this plz like and share and subscribe our channel#sirkhan#coronaviruspandemiclivelatestrealtimeconfirmedworldwidedata#coronaviruslivemap#lcornaviruslivestream#coronaviruslivestats#coronavirusliveupdates#coronaviruslivegraph#coronavirusliveworldmapandcount#livecoronaviruspandemic#coronavirusliverealtimecounter#coronavirusworldmapnewscovid19livestream#novmedvideos#roylabstats#wikitechynews#kataliz#southchinamorningpost#payetteforward
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8:@coronavirus report2020.06.12(Fri)

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